What we do

De Middellander is one of the results of the co-creation program Mooi Mooier Middelland. It is a social enterprise. The focus is on social, green, health, economic value and  sustainable development. Financial profits are reinvested in the neighborhood. The shareholders decide on this. This is what we do:

Sustainability, management of open space & green development

We develop, design and implement projects that contribute to a sustainable neighborhood. That's not only important for the quality of our living environment, but for health and well-being. Our neighbourhood-led approach to the energy transition and climate adaptation is through the perspective of future generations.

A caring, social & healthy neighborhood

We develop, collaborate, initiate and implement projects that contribute to social quality, health, growing up safely, talent development and inclusive communities where everyone counts and can participate. We promote contacts between generations and work to increase opportunities for everyone.

Art, culture, education & self-organisation

Creativity not only contributes to problem solving; it also promotes encounters and community strength while contributing to self-direction, expression and personal development. People are challenged and a status quo is discussed. We need new forms, customs, rituals and methods to make decisions together and to join forces.

Social & technical innovation

We experiment and contribute to research and development of social and technological innovations. The purpose is always to serve community goals and ambitions. We make data accessible and work on methods that enable citizens to own data themselves and use it for community development.

Academy of Citizenship

We promote learning and personal development. With our Academy for Citizenship, we contribute to the learning and development climate in Middelland and the skills development of Middellanders. From young to old. We transfer our knowledge and methods to other citizens, neighborhoods, networks, professionals and civil servants.


Community strength

Community comes first. The starting point is our community of sub-communities.


Chances and opportunities for everyone and especially for people who have not participated for a long time.

Locally anchored

Converting money and investing for a sustainable, resilient and healthy neighborhood where new value is reinvested in the community.

Good work

We value volunteering first, and work is fairly rewarded.

Democratic ownership

The enterprise is a human living organism in which the people who "produce" also formally own.

Sustainable business

Protecting our ecological space, communities and health is the foundation of life. We manage the Earth for now and future generations.

Ethical financial policy

Social, health and sustainability outcomes are the focus. Financial policy is aimed at achieving these goals. Control over important financial decisions is made by the people affected by them. Investors and partners fully endorse our values.