1.000 Rain barrels

Ibrahim was homeless, Emma was lonely in the office. Now they are installing rain barrels together in Rotterdam. He’s an ex-homeless person, she’s a consultant. Ibrahim was looking for work and Emma for ‘something’ that should not be done behind a desk. Now they’re installing rain barrels in Rotterdam with a few others – and many more will follow. Read more in the AD.

Social & Health

hands formed together with red heart paint

With the music and design studio De Fabriek and a digital platform like the e-health community, we build bridges between talent development and care for the vulnerable, from young to old. Via daytime activities to management & maintenance of public space to ‘customized care’ for and by Middellanders, we organise encounters and joint walks through the neighborhood. That’s not only healthy but enhances social cohesion.

Neighbourhood Atlas

vehicle parked beside road and houses

The neighborhood Atlas is the online and offline platform for communication and co-creation in Middelland. We use data (measuring = knowing) to make residents aware of what is happening in the neighborhood with regard to the quality of the living environment. Through stories we share information about who, what and where. ‘Tools’ are being developed that can help you as a resident to get involved with the people and concrete projects that take place in the neighbourhood.